Hello again.

So I’m Krister and I work as a game programming teacher and have been since 2008.

Me getting into the field of education was never something I even considered, I kind of fell into it when I got hired to develop a game engine for educational purposes. Part of my time however I were to help out for the game programming education. I remember that my legs were shaking when I first entered the classroom, fast forward a few years and I now know that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only do I love it but I’ve never grown so much as a person, and still do everytime I step into a classroom.

Did I ever feel I had to compromise as I didn’t enter the commercal side of game development? Not at all. What I enjoy most as a programmer is the creativity and the playfulness. Being a teacher I get to keep that feeling as I can explore game development much more freely when I create lessons for the students. It’s kind of doing R&D everyday.

Staring into a computer screen as much as I do, I do try and force myself to get away at times. I’ve found three things that help.


Let’s begin with the boring stuff. I do try to activate the physical side as well, I do have the typical ups and downs of it and I keep comparing myself to 2012, my best year by far. It was around then I started exercising and really got into it, and now I see the statistics decreasing year by year always telling myself this week will be the week I get into the routine again.

Roleplaying games

Boardgames and especially pen and paper roleplaying games is something I hold very dear. A passion that started in my early ages and never left me. If your group is busy I find you can even just pick up a book to read and still enjoy it. I really love trying new rule systems and settings and I at times and up being the story keeper as well were I have some extra love for detective and horror stories.


Travelling is something I think I love as much as making games. I love exploring and just walking about at new places. I have only one rule in my life and that is to leave Sweden at least once every year. I especially enjoy going to a new place I’ve never been before but I do have some favorites as well like Prauge in Europe and… Well then it gets difficult to choose.