Preview audio shortcut, Unity3D

Recently while doing a small game jam for myself I imported a shitload of audio files. Being a keyboard kind of guy I found the Unity editor to be lacking as I needed to select a clip and then with the mouse click the play button to preview the sound.

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Interrail, 2019

Interrailing in Europe with my closest frenemies during 22 days visiting six countries.

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Custom project template, Unity3D

Custom project template in Unity3D

Create custom project templates for Unity3D and also see how you can modify what default packages are included when you create a new project.

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Raven’s purge, Forbidden lands

Forbidden lands

Time to get into the role of a story teller for the pen and paper role playing game Forbidden lands from Free league.

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Closest object, Unity3D

Closest object, Unity3D

Here are three ways of getting the closest object in Unity3D

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We bought a board game for two.

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Closest actor, UE4 C++

Get closest actor

This is one way to get the closest actor to a world position in Unreal Engine with C++.

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Health, 2018

Exercise statistics

I read through my exercises of 2018 and now I feel sad.


Tallinn, 2018

Enjoying a drink on the cruise ship

We wanted to drink cocktails in a pool so we went to Tallinn.

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Istanbul, 2018

On the streets of Istanbul

We just needed to get away from Sweden for a while, who knew Istanbul was so cool?

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