Sollefteå, 2019

On our way to Sollefteå.

We’re back, and this time with trouble.

Christmas means you have to do horrible things because of traditions. We’ll we skipped that shit again and went to a spa in Sollefteå instead. THis being the second time for that almost makes it a tradition anyways.

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Vienna, 2019

Vienna Christmas market

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so to Austria we had to gooo! Because apparently they have awesome Christmas markets.

After a very early flight with basically no sleep we moaned and groaned our way into the city of Vienna in Austria.

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Preview audio shortcut, Unity3D

Recently while doing a small game jam for myself I imported a shitload of audio files. Being a keyboard kind of guy I found the Unity editor to be lacking as I needed to select a clip and then with the mouse click the play button to preview the sound.

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Interrail, 2019

Interrailing in Europe with my closest frenemies during 22 days visiting six countries.

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Enånger, 2019

Relaxing in the cabin infron of a fire.

Me, my wife, her sister and the sisters kid decided to get away for the weekend for some well needed R&R. We found the best cabin by the lake in Enånger just next to Bässesjön.

Relaxing in the cabin infron of a fire.Relaxing in the cabin infron of a fire.

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Saint Petersburg, 2019

In Saint Petersburg

Back in 2017 I married what would be my wife, Linda at Arlanda airport. Quite nice even though she stole all the chocolates and Champagne before living Sweden for a nice sunny March trip to Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg was so nice that we decided to go back,

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Custom project template, Unity3D

Custom project template in Unity3D

Create custom project templates for Unity3D and also see how you can modify what default packages are included when you create a new project.

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Raven’s purge, Forbidden lands

Forbidden lands

Time to get into the role of a story teller for the pen and paper role playing game Forbidden lands from Free league.

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Closest object, Unity3D

Closest object, Unity3D

Here are three ways of getting the closest object in Unity3D

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We bought a board game for two.

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