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Me and Linda going to stay long term at a hotel before we get access to our new apartment in May, therefore we needed to find something to do as we don’t really enjoy watching TV. That of course means game. So i after work I went down to Dragon’s Lair, one of the better board game shops in Stockholm and bought a few games.

Say hello to Katarenga, a game made specifically for two people and reminds me a bit of chess but in my mind, in a way more advanced.

Let’s begin with the board. You have four pieces with with 4×4 squares on them. These you connect to the entire board. They are also double sided so you can flip them, rotate them, rotate the board, that way you have over 24 000 different playing fields.

Each player has eight pawns and the goal is to get two pawns into the enemy camp to win. You can also win by making it impossible for the other player to win by removing enough of their pawns which you do by landing on them.

Movement is therefore a crucial part of this game, and here is where it gets interesting- Instead of different types of pawns like you have in chess defining how you can move it’s the square a pawn stand on that does. You have four different colors and therefor four different ways a pawn can move. Everytime you move a pawn how you can move that pawn your next turn potentially changes.

Standing on a red square your pawn moves like a rook, a yellow square you move like a bishop, a green square and you move lika a king and finallly a blue square means you move like a king.

This makes it very challenging as you not only have to try and keep track of how you want to move but also react to whatever your opponent moves.

This turned out to be an excellent game that the both of us truly enjoyed and will play over and over, for a while at least.

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