Raven’s purge, Forbidden lands
Forbidden lands

Raven’s purge, Forbidden lands

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I haven been the story teller for an ongoing campaign in quite some times, years even. Now I have fouind a group to play with and thus tried some of tne new and new remakes of some classics when it comes to swedish pen and paper roleplaying games.

We are playing the Forbidden lands (Svärdets sång) from Swedish Free league, a new RPG based on their classic rules system used in games like Mutant year zero (Mutant år noll) amongst others. We are playing the official campain Raven’s purge (Korpens klagan).

The Forbidden lands RPG is best descriped as an open world survival role playing game. it’s none linear in its essence and therefore you as a story teller needs to be flexible and dynamic. The players have a hexagon map which they can explore and you can decide yourself where the different adventure sites are.

Forbidden lands
Forbidden lands

The style of the game is intriguing and it is improved by the beautiful custom dice on my foldable soft dice tray.

Running a official campaign I still want to add something extra to it so I’m adding some plots for side adventures and something to continue on from when the Raven’s purge is completed. One way of doing that is to add a little something something to a feature I like to add to my campaigns imspired from Earthdawn. That is that the players from their characters perspective writes an adventure journal. It gives an extra flare as well as being a great read during any nerd party, and of course I reward the players for doing so by some extra experience and gold if turned in to a adventure guild.

Well I bought an old notebook (in Sweden) to give it that proper feel then I modified it to add some extra plot points.

Adventure journal
Adventure journal with a wax seal

The competition

So the adventure begins. The PCs arrived in the small village of Kumleklint just before the festival of Springrise, a yearly event where the whole community joins in festivities to celebrate the comming of spring. Part of those festivities is a friendly competition with prices well beoybd the means for simple farmers. The PCs of course will take part, they however needs to pay a small price to be in it. One of the PCs, Karo Kråksång also made a huge private bet with the barkeep at Dead mans hand, the inn where they are staying.

The morning of the competition they wake up and get down to enjoy a sturdy breakfast only to find a grunpy barkeep. It seems someone broke into the bar at night to place a package for Karo and his friends. A weird looking notebook and a letter describing how a secret group will pay handsomely for the PCs to write down their eadventures. The name of the secret group must never be written in text but later they find out that the name of the group is the mysterious Brotherhood of the Key. Not much is known about this group.

After the breakfast the adventurers and the entire town joins the square, amongst them are a few groups of villagers joining to try and claim the price.

During the day three competitions will take place, first one is to bring the heaviest object you can find and bring it to the town gates.

The PCs set of, but not before increasing their chances a bit by putting a spell on the group that looks the strongest. Applying their wits they engineered a device to help them bring back a huge stone. As it turned out their wits had left them and their strength was no where to be found they made it back just in time, still they came out as winners thanks to their spell.

The second part of the competition was that of intelligence and knowledge, a quiz was to take place. The group of PCs took pride in being largey a group of learned men. Well that and a Dwarf and a halfling. With out much of a competition they won.

The third and last part was the most important competition of the all, a match of drinking where the last person standing brings home the price. Once again the PCs used magic to their advantage before starting to gulp their mugs of beer.

Once again they won with the only competition was between the adventurers themselves as all took pride in being mighty drinkers. Needless to say they drank themselves almost to a catatonic state.

The night ended in a big party where everyone enjoyed drinks and food, and a few good stories. One of those stories where the tale of Weatherstone, an old stronghold believed to still contain a large war chest filled with silver and gold.


The very next day the PCs mustered up enough energy to prepare for the journey to Weatherstone and left for its treassures.

Feeling a bit under the weather walking into the dangerous forest to find Weatherstone might not be the best idea. Odds against them it turned out the biggest threat was themselves as the quickly found themselves lost.

Setting up a camping site they thought they would get some rest before trying to find there way. Disaster struck again, waking up to the entire camp being set on fire from one of the PCs lantern they quickly try to save everything once they are safe.

The following day they continue their journey reaching the stronghold. This is where their real adventure begins and your ends unless you yourself plays the adventure of Weatherstone in the Forbidden lands.

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