Health, 2018
Exercise statistics

Health, 2018

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Summary of what can only be called a exercise failure of 2018.

This year I went from a Fitbit Alta to a Garmin Vivoactive 3 so some of the stats are lost. The good news is that I absolutely love my Vivoactive 3. Before the switch I had a Fitbit Alta without the pulse meter so I bought a Wahoo Tickr Fit but it didn’t sync with my phone at all so I decided to go for the Garmin Vivoactive 3.

So far the Vivoactive have had, for me at least a better app, web page and a more solid watch. Keep in mind though that the Alta and the Vivoactive is in two very different price classes.

So from The first of March and until the last of December 2018 I have walked 2 966 098 steps averaging 8 126.3 steps a day, well under my goal of 10 000 steps per day.

When it comes to actual exercise it looks a lot worse, embarrassing to say the least.

I have been running for 36.51 km, compared to my all time high 2012 and its 621 km of running.

When it comes to weight training during 2018 I pulled in about three hours and 43 minutes against 2012 which was my all time high with 62 hours and 46 minutes.

When it comes to spinning I did a hefty 25 minutes of it in 2018 while I in 2011 did ninte hours and 15 minutes.

Finally we comes to aerobics which for 2018 amounted to one hour and 30 minutes compared to 2017s nine hours and 15 minutes.

The future

So high does the future look like?

Well I’m of to a great start, so far I’ve eating 10 cinnamon buns, a few cocktails, cake, some cookies and I think I ate a pizza as well.

Shit gots to change and that’s why I’m going out for a small walk right now, I just have to finnish this cookie first.


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