This is my work experience and education relevant to game development.



Futuregames (2018+)
Head of game programming.

Future games is a vocational school that in 2018 started their fourth game education aimed at educating future game programmers.

My job consists of several aspects. I teach C++, Unreal Engine, C#, Mono and Unity3D programming. I communicate and secure different course leaders and speakers from the industry and support the other head teachers that come directly from the industry with pedagogy.

Ljud och Bildskolan

Ljud och Bildskolan (2014-2018)
Game development teacher

LBS is a K12 (gymnasium) level school with students age range from about 16-19.

The LBS franchise is old but this particular school started up in 2014 so I got to be part of the journey in creating what I think is Swedens and maybe the worlds best game development school on this level.

My main responsibility was to teach programming and development purely aimed toward games. I also was part of handling the schools marketing on social media as well as being a part of different relevant events to showcase the school. I was also the main IT-support being the middleman between the larger IT-support covering all the schools and the schools local needs.

Uppsala estetiska gymnasium

Uppsala estetiska gymnasium (2015)
Game development teacher

This was a shorter temp job at a K12 (gymnasium) level school where I tought general game development with the Unity3D engine. This was a consulting job via KJ Interactive.

Gotland University

Gotland University (2008-2012)
Game programming teacher

This is where I started out as a teacher. It was never my plan but I quickly fell in love with the job.

I was mainly hired to develop some tools to use in the games education but more and more started teaching instead as we looked into more viable and relevent tools.

Besides teaching everything from C++ with APIs like OpemGL, SDL, Ogre3D and C# and XML. I was also part of organizing and exhibiting on GDC Europe, Gamescom and the schools own Gotland Game Awards and Gotland Game Conference.

Games industry

KJ Interactive (2012-2019)

This started out as Broken Entity, a small consulting studio and then grew into KJ Interactive with my friend and colleague Jona Marklund.

Together we’ve done some consulting, in-house development and passion projects.

ThreeGates (2011-2014)
Gameplay programmer

This was a consulting gig during the development of Legends of Aethereus, a cooperative multiplayer RPG released on Steam.

Commercial games

Chummy Fishes (2014)

This game was developed in house by KJ Interactive with me and Jona Marklund. The game was developed using the Unity3D engine.

Chummy Fishes was first prototyped during the 2014 Global Game Jam to be released for iOS and Android.

Legends of Aethereus (2013)
Gameplay programmer

The game was developed during several years with a 20+ sized team using the Unity3D engine.

I was a general gameplay programmer involved in everything from prototyping to polish.

The game was released for the PC platform on Steam and other digital platforms as well as retail.


Gotland University

Game University (2007-2008)
Game production

This was a one year long education where we in a small team created a game called Physitve, a third person puzzle game.

I was one of the programmers creating the engine in C++ using Ogre3D, Newton physics and other APIs. I was also a gameplay programmer and made a level exporter programmed in 3D Studio Max.

Gotland University

Gotland University (2004-2007)
Game design and programming

A four year long education where my focus was on game programming.