Osaka, 2016
Dazed and confused in Osaka

Osaka, 2016

As a teacher you are bound to travel when everyone else is traveling as your time off must fit the semester and breaks of the students. That’s why we have often done shorter trips, a weekend here and a weekend there. During the summer we tend to have a longer break but that’s also the time Sweden is extra nice. But this year we decided to do a longer trip to Japan, and wow what a country.

Often since we do take shorter trips we travel kind of cheap when it comes to plane tickets and hotels, this time we splurged a bit. This started already at Arlanda waiting for our Lufthansa place with some Champagne.

Some luxury before taking off to Osaka
Some luxury before taking off to Osaka

After a long flight, a very long flight were both me and Linda for some reason failed to get much sleep we stepped of at the airport in Osaka. The first thing that struck us was the intense heat, it was deadly. The heat combined with our lack of sleep dressed in clothes made for sitting in an airplane turned us into zombies.

The first super nice thing out of many happened to us already at the bus into the city. An elderly Japanese gentleman struck up a conversation with us. He was really kind and trying to train on his English I suppose, he ended up giving us his map so we could more easily find our way around Osaka.

I did have some bad luck though, my bags were lost during the flight so I got to the hotel empty handed, and we couldn’t enter our room until much later so we just walked around tired as hell, completely aimless and overheated. We had to zigzag between the street that was too hot, and the cold well air conditioned stores. When we finally got into our hotel room it were of course tiny, so tiny that when my bag finally showed up it could hardly fit.

We did enjoy a few wonderful days in Osaka, from the cities we visited in Japan I think Osaka would be the place I would most like to live at. It was perfect blend between size and culture.

By day me and Linda explored every bit of Osaka that we could, and by night we met upp with a few of my friends that made sure to be in Japan at the same time. Together we went out bar hopping, now when it comes to coctails the skill level is not on par with what I’m used to but they sure aim to please. The best part was after a pub crawl we followed this man into an apartment pub, a small place run run by this awesome guy, his clientele was mostly his friends but we ended staying way past our bedtime and his closing time as we had an absolute awesome time.

Before leaving Osaka for Kyoto we did a little field trip me and Linda to Nara park, a park with somewhat wild deers that you can feed cookies to. I think this was both me and Lindas best experience in Japan, it was so awesome seeing those deers. We did get an amazing video (in Swedish I’m afraid) when we rain out of cookies and all the deers started chasing this little boy instead 👿

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