Riga, 2017
The Game Camp group on their way home

Riga, 2017

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Game Camps is a EU funded program to further the development of games amongst some of the baltic countries, Sweden and Finland. Well I applied and got accepted to go to Riga for a game jam.

I joined a team of Finnish people, the were inexperienced but I like there game idea. Communication was difficult though as they weren’t that used to speaking English and at times a few of them disappeared but I did my best and at least we had a prototype at the end.

The game we did, called Fright on Sight was about you playing a poltergeist type spirit trying to scare the resident away from his or her home. My task was to code it and my team mates handled the graphics. From the result you can see below, well at least it was a nice trip and in its on right a true experience.

The game was made in Unity3D.

Besides doing games I had a great trip as we also got some time to check out the city where I met and old student of mine as well as got some new acquaintances and all in all had a great time. If you yourself are a game developer check out the event as I’ sure you will also have a great time just like I did.

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