Tallinn, 2018
Enjoying a drink on the cruise ship

Tallinn, 2018

Linda had worked on Gotland during the summer so when she came back we decided to treat ourselves to a weekend abroad. In Sweden that means you take the ferry were people drink like crazy, miss the stop at whatever city the ferry went to then they drink like crazy on the way back again, this is usually over the course of a day or so.

Having been to Tallinn before we decided to just take a stroll through the city, enjoy some nice food and then heasd to a spa that we had booked. The spa was basically a big pool, a bit coold in the water. Thankfully the other visiters heated the pool by peeing in it because I never saw them leave and conisdering that they had a bar in the pool basically garantied that was the case.

A nice, short little trip considering, just as needed.

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