Vilnius, 2016
KJ Interactives booth at GameOn

Vilnius, 2016

When Dataspelsbranschen offered developers the oppertunity to display their projects on the baltics buiggest game exhibit GameOn we couldn’t wait to go.

Our first day there we went to the exhibit area and made sure our booth was good to go for the next day and the start of GameOn. Planning on having a relaxing evening, do some prepping for the next day we went out to get some dinner. After a beer or two to the delicious food the demons took over. Ending up at a karoeke bar where we absolutely owned the bar with our interpretation of Barbie girl by Aqua. From there well, we were invited to join this pub crawl thanks to our singing and a few hours later we were on our way to GameOn again, slightly tired.

The exhibit itself was great, well organized and every both got a few volunteer helpers so that we had time to go listen to different developer speeches which was much appreciated.

The last night it was the big developer party, we met a lot of super nice game developers and once again, what would suppose to be a relaxing night as we had a flight the next day. Well… we didn’t sleep that night but we did have one of the best nights ever in Vilnius as the video below might show, but be warned, it’s mature content.

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