Interrail, 2019

Interrail, 2019

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There’s a saying in Swedish that directly translates to “it goes like on rails”. I suppose it is rougly like the English saying “smooth sailings”.

Interrailing is everything but smooth sailing. Bying the travel as much as you want during 22 days, first class interrail card me and Jona begain our first train ride July first in Stockholm. Our first stop: Hamburg to meet up Rickard and Joy.

The train to Denmark started of nicely, from there the train company “forgot” two wagons so our booked seats ended up standing where ever we could fit on the train with a bunch of other people for a few hours before reaching our destination.

Hamburg, Germany

We were here for one night, stying in an old brothel hostel named Hostel Kiezbude on the popular Reeperbahn street. For the city itself it seemed like sex, drugs and alcohol is its selling point, in which we only partook in two… You guessed it… DÖNER KEBAB!

So if there’s one thing you need to do in Hamburg it is to visit Kardelen, the best kebab place!

Prague, Czech Republic

This city used to be my absolute favorite and this were my third time here. Just like I love Prague, the rest of the world does too. It is crowded and with the crowds comes the garbage as well. So with me having been here so many times already I’m now looking for a new favorite place in Europe.

The train boys in Prague.
The train boys in Prague.

Brno, Czech Republic

This city about two hours from Prague is really something I have been looking forward to after watching the video from Honest Guide.

We got a nice room at the 5 star Cosmopolitan bobycenter hotel and began exploring the city, and yes, you should go here. It is a bit smaller than Prague but also not as many tourists and therefor it’s cleaner, cheaper and just nicer.

Budapest, Hungary

When we got fed up on Brno and Joy nagging us about how the goulash is waayyy better in Budapest we decided to go there.

We managed to find a super cheap apartment hotel with eleven beds all for our selves. Despite the mold in the two showers and the stench from the two toilets it was a really nice place.

When it comes to the goulash I couldn’t taste any difference, well I assume since I never tried it. Yeah that’s right, I had enough of it in Prague.

More importantly this is where Marcus joined us for a few days as well. He claims he didn’t have time to come earlier but I know that’s a lie and he is just a terrible person and was most likely in prison for punching a puppy in the face.

Marcus yelling at Jona for not buying him some ice cream.
Marcus yelling at Jona for not buying him some ice cream.

Budapest is the city where everyone drives like crazy combined with really drunk tourists (not us, we were just inebriated). One guy started cursing at us, flipped us the finger and then explained that in the future someone that approaches us might not do so if we’re not approachable. Well maybe he should change the order of actions when approaching someone. Anyway, that was the first time on this trip were we actually laughed.

Brasov, Romania

Brashov and Brno had some similarities, both smaller cities with great food and drinks. We also took a day trip to Bran and the castle they claimed inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula (it’s not). It was extremely uninteresting and filled with bored people. The only interesting thing that happened is when Marcus forced Joy to take photos of him.

Marcus forcing Joy to take photos of him.
Marcus forcing Joy to take photos of him.

Bukarest, Romania

Bukarest where all about sex, drugs and alcohol. So here we only cared about the alcohol. The city itself had little to offer and we even left our first hostel because it was so incredble nasty and were situated above a bunch of loud playing bars. The only people staying here is super awful people that don’t care about quality and just want a cheap place to put there things while going out and making the lives of everyone else worse.

We did join a pub crawl here. It was the train boys and a bunch of dudes being syper angry that no girls were on the pub crawl. Well at least we had fun drinking cheap alcohol.

Time to leave Bukarest.
Time to leave Bukarest.

Mamaia, Romania

Mamaia was suppose to be this tropical beach place in Romania and in a way it was if you don’t mind the scams. Getting in and out of Mamaia from Constanta means you are going to either take a painful busride or get scammed by “taxi” drivers.

The place itself is nice, some nice clean beaches with way to many parasols on it. Filled with bars and places to eat.

We did have a nice place to stay over at the Ramada but the breakfast was terrible, I mean, who would even serve that to humans?

I think I'll skip the ice cream.
I think I’ll skip the ice cream.

Milano, Italy

Wanting a bit more luxuary we decided to fly with Ryan Air (I know right) to Milano. We stayed at Hotel Centrale which was really nice.

The city itself has much to offer when it comes to food and things to see. But they also have mosquitoes and lots of them. After only one hour I needed to have my legged removed from all the bites.

This is also where Marcus left us, most likely he had to go to court back in Sweden for cussing at a kid who refused to give Marcus his candy. Needless to say, we celebrated this.

Celebrating that Marcus left us.
Celebrating that Marcus left us.

Morschach, Schweiz

Coming to an end of our journey we decided to go out in style whith the Swizz alps and got ourselves a room at the nice Swiss Holiday Park Resort.

Despite Schweiz being the most expensive place in the world (most likely) where you have to pay 90% of everything you own for a bad pizza, it is very much worth it. That view is unbeatable and you will have an absolute blast hiking the different trails.

Jona taking a photo of me taking a photo of me.
Jona taking a photo of me taking a photo of me.

The long way home

Everything good must come to an end. For us the bad things as well. We did have one last terrible experience. The 30 hours ride home.

Jona who had food poisoning actually died and begun to smell so we had to through his body out of a window.

Already in Schweiz we had some bad luck whre the taxi driver came too early and decided to leave again then coming back way too late. The rest of the trains all had delayes as well so there was a lot of running.

Back on Swedish soil some accident had occured so the some of the trains had to be on a bus instead. We also had a four hour wait in Lund with no open waiting hall. We had to sleep outside in the cold. It was great and everyone suffered greatly.

Sleeping outside in Lund.
Sleeping outside in Lund.

All in all, interrailing is very frustrating and awesome. You should absolutely do it… Once!

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