Sollefteå, 2019
On our way to Sollefteå.

Sollefteå, 2019

We’re back, and this time with trouble.

Christmas means you have to do horrible things because of traditions. We’ll we skipped that shit again and went to a spa in Sollefteå instead. THis being the second time for that almost makes it a tradition anyways.

Me, my wife and most of her family like her parents, her younger sister with man and child as well as their uncle Bengt rented a huge car and just fucked of into the snow that decieded not to be present in Stockholm this year.

On our way to Sollefteå.
On our way.

We visited the spa at Hallstaberget again, just like we did back in 2016. For a decent prise you get a few days of not caring, being served with decent food and full access to a spa with several pools and saunas so there really sin’t any reason to complain about anything.

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