Vienna, 2019
Vienna Christmas market

Vienna, 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so to Austria we had to gooo! Because apparently they have awesome Christmas markets.

After a very early flight with basically no sleep we moaned and groaned our way into the city of Vienna in Austria.

Trying to sleep on the flight.
Trygin to get some sleep on the plane.

Vienna is a beautiful city, like all old European cities. To be honest they tend to all kind of look the same, but it’s not home which makes it awesome.

They Christmas markets which were te reason to travel this time were nice, people recommend a few of them but they are really kind of the same. Visiting one or two is really enough and then you can go about with the rest this city has to offer.

On these markets they sell the same crap, so buy a Christmas ornament, some molded wine (you can drink on the street 🙂 ) and try some of the street food and then go about your day.

Vienna Christmas market.
Going to one of the Christmas markets.
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